Tuesday, 28 September 2010

I have finished Elvira

I proud to say......IT'S FINISHED :)
I like projects that are fun and almost impossible to stop knitting on. This was not one of them.
It took me a long time to finish this one because there were so many other project that were more interesting and exciting. But hey, I finished it and I love it. Now I even have a birthday present ready for a 2 year old.

Note to myself : If I ever knit this pattern again I'm gonna use some different yarn.
The pattern is called Elvira and the designer is Rasmilla.


Eleanor said...

It's very pretty - worth the boring :D

Debora Hjelm Nielsen said...

Hví hevði tú brúkt eitt annað garn?

Frida said...

Bara tí, at eg helt tað orginala verða íííí so tunt, men eg eri glað um endaliga resultatið :)

Debora Hjelm Nielsen said...

okok :)